Monday, July 6, 2009

Life's but a joke

The choices we make decide our fate. Nothing more, nothing less.

If life were written, it would just boil down to one single word, Luck.
From then on, it gets only worse.
Belief in luck leads to belief in the supernatural, belief in the sins of our previous births, belief in an imposing puppeteer(Kondy yet again, needs no mention)

What starts as a mere belief in fate, eventually turns into one of your greatest fears, zilching the faith in oneself, creating a mental state which prevents you from doing anything as it hardly will make a difference.

God exists, but only in our hearts.
Man can't go through his hardships alone.
Imagine...Life without god; No one to call out to in your times of distress, no one to tell you that you're destined for a better tomorrow, no one to promise you that nothing can possibly go wrong anymore, and in all respects, no hope at all.
Necessity was indeed the mother of invention, and hence god stepped foot on earth.
In different cultures and environments, he sprung up in numerous ways.
The wise elders of the yesteryears figured out that belief is stronger when made perfectly transparent. Albeit they cooked up all kinds of fables, they had one thing in common...
Spread love, spread hope, spread these messages in the name of god.
For, man will survive a million years longer in the name of god.

Thus, hope drove man forward, the hope for a better tomorrow.
And life went on... God existed and still exists in our hearts.

But, the elders weren't wise enough to foresee what the advent of God/Hope has turned man into, a blood-thirsty monster, wanting for more each and every moment. In the name of Hope, the never dying urge to acquire more, achieve more and be better has taken over humanity. Man hoped for more and self satisfaction was a word of the past.
Thus, came the war, came the rich and the poor, came technology, nuclear warheads...
Thus, came fear.

Man's creations destroy/will destroy himself.
From positivity, sprang negativity. It has and it will always be.

After all,Buddha was right, he was indeed the enlightened one.
The only way to remain happy in this world is to not believe in anything at all, penance and detachment from everything worldly...
No God, No hope, No fear, and in short, No emotion.


  1. That's a very interesting comeback post, Jetty. The advent of God and his subsequent demise are both handiworks of man. Even the firmest of athiests tend to believe in luck; but there is far too much misery in the world now for people to be drawn towards God like the ancient days.

    Your post is very dark and sad man; positivity has to spring forth from negativity; . Ideas of detachment and fear should give way to hope.

  2. So basically sir, you are trying to say give up 'God', give up 'Hope', give up 'Emotions' and you'll attain salvation! A robot will result from your ideas, nothing more, nothing less...

    And Fate, I agree, is made by us... But with guidance. Without this, we'd be a savage beast!

    "Science gives us methods, technology and equipment... But doesn't warn us about their consequences and effects. It is God's hand which guides us' - Camerlengo Ventresca

  3. when and where did realization dawn upon this jetty dude..... eyes of my cry in joy as i read this enlightening post emotions, god and other realities of life. god i pray and ask you for one boon..... bring the old arse back

  4. btw deeksha..... hari here..... no misunderstandins.......

  5. nice senti post.u give some food for thought to this holiday emaciated brain.i wud love to have a discussion with "the 2 prophets"(u and kondy)in ur more vela moments rather than filling up my views on this venerable topic within this claustrophobic confines of the comment box.

  6. @jetty da,not that i doubt u in any way but where did u read buddha prophesizing(i know its not a real word) that theory.uneducated as i am on these matters,i still remember reading the picturesque "amar chitra gatha" tales where buddha told angulimala to just free urself from desire and not drain u of all emotion.

  7. nice one.... quite a number of dark connotations to this post. neways, I'm really surprised to see jetty dwelling into the "enlightenment" and "realization" side of life. side effects of TOC??

  8. Some of us were contemplating whether or not to apply for TOC next year. I for one, am definitely not going to.

    And seriously, all I could say was "Oh! My god" (no pun intended) :D

  9. @Gaylord
    Firstly, I ain't an atheist. God was made by man to go through his hardships and I believe in God for the same...
    And btw, there is a big difference between what should be and what is. Just have a look around and you'll know better.

  10. @Kondy
    Don't you think you're being too diplomatic when you say,"I choose and decide my own fate,but also with a divine guiding hand"

    Yes! I believe the best way to attain salvation would be to give up all emotion.

    @Deeksha aka Hari
    Still the old arse, da :P
    Just that, for once I decided to pour out my emotions in writing.

    Most welcome.

    Buddha taught to free oneself from all desire(which springs from hope obviously).
    So, to not hope at all which can only be achieved by no emotional at all, is the only way out.

  11. @Desi
    The future is dark(Terminator Salvation).
    No da, I was senti always. Just that, the world knows a different Jetty and I prefer it
    that way.

    @The maddu related to time
    It doesn't make a difference, does it? :P
    Oh my god, it is. Who else would you call for in your desperate time of need?

  12. Wass' goin' on man? Seriously- next time you get drunk, I'll beat you on this argument.

  13. @Murtha
    At times, I am human too!

  14. Nice Jetty. I've been having a senti post in my mind since months. Haven't been able to think of anything else. That is why I never updated my blog. But I guess you inspire me.

  15. @9.58333,
    The blog is yours. You can choose what to write in it. Bring it on...

  16. YAWN! I see the vacations have got to you. Please try and make the next post more like the first one. For the life of me, I can't imagine you serious.

  17. @Moustached Marauder,
    hehe... I'll try da. Like I said, What comes into the mind first, goes into the blog first.